🇺🇸MB005: Bruce Moody "Fresh Out!" E.P.

  • 🇺🇸MB005: Bruce Moody

🇺🇸MB005: Bruce Moody "Fresh Out!" E.P.

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MB005: Bruce Moody "Fresh Out!" E.P. (🇺🇸1982)

Powerpop is a genre full of relatively obscure gems that, if quality was any indicator of commercial success, should have been smash mainstream hits. That being said, you'd be hard pressed to find a more perfect powerpop EP than Bruce Moody's "Fresh Out!" Clocking in at just a little over 13 minutes, Moody delivered an entire careers' worth of stunning pop craftsmanship over the four songs contained on this, his lone self-released EP. Each song is an alternate reality chart buster of the highest order: from the brilliant opener "A.M. Romance" and the infectiously melodic, Beatles inspired bubblegum of "You Do" on the A-side, to the blissed out, tuneful sublimity of "This is It" -- one of THEE ultimate ear worms in the history of pop music -- and the shot of pure pop adrenaline provided by "Terminally Hip" on the B-side. The catch is, for years it would cost you well into the three figures to get your hands on a copy -- that is if you were lucky enough to actually see one of these mega rare bad boys turn up for sale.

Pop music this great was meant to be heard by more than just a select cadre of collectors, which is why we are beyond excited to announce the official reissue of "Fresh Out!" on Meanbean Records! What's more, the record will comes housed in a deluxe, three-panel fold over sleeve featuring liner notes from Jeremy Cargill (Ugly Things Magazine, Got Kinda Lost Records), press clips, and heretofore unseen pictures of Bruce and the band. Limited to just 400 black copies and 100 white, this is sure to move quick. If you're into killer powerpop, well, like the song says, "This is It!"

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