🇨🇦MB003: The Remedials "Four Songs EP"

  • 🇨🇦MB003: The Remedials

🇨🇦MB003: The Remedials "Four Songs EP"

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MB003: The Remedials "Four Songs EP" (🇨🇦 1981)

Holly mullet! Look at these dudes! First and only release by this Montréal pub rock infused punk quintet. Out in 1981 on the independent Basic record label, this four songs 7" E.P. Is a real treat for anyone who enjoy their rock with a slight of punk thrown in. "That look" and "Lifetime" are both cool rocker borrowing the Real Kids charms vibes here and there while "teaser" bring the pub rocking stuff mixed with stonesque vocal moves. To close up, “You make it hard” nails it down and get the band on top of the punk which later got them a spot on famous chuck Warner’s Hype To Death compilation. Fully liscensed from the band, comes with brand new insert and original poster repro (300 black)

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